Frequently Asked Questions

 Does the pepper spray have an expiration date?
  • Yes, all our pepper sprays have about a two-year expiration date.

How long does the tasers last?

  • All our stun guns come equipped with a charger so it will not be going out any time soon!

Can any of these items be taken on an airplane?

Can any of these items be taken on an airplane?

  • Yes, but ONLY if they are packed inside of a CHECKED BAG. None of our items are TSA approved to be carried in your personal bags onto the plane.
  • Checked Bags = YES!
  • Carry-ons = NO!

Can I substitute something on the keychain for an add-on?

  • We now have a "Kustomized Keychain" option which allows you to design your keychain the way you want!

Can I change my order if I messed up something?

  • Yes. You will need to contact us via email within 5 hours of your order being placed. Please indicate the corrections you would like to update. If any of your changes require additional costs, your order must be cancelled and a new one needs to be placed.

My address or email is incorrect, what can I do?

  • If you noticed an error in your email or address please contact as soon as possible with the updated contact info to avoid any delays in your order.