About Us


La Dama de la Mafia

(The Lady of the Mafia)


Hey girly, my name is Mickie! CEO and founder of The Keychain Mafia LLC. Here at KMafia we’re all about empowering women to feel safe to do anything, anywhere, anytime! I’ve always had the mindset to always stand your ground and defend yourself and your well-being at ANY COST! I honestly and truly want all woman to learn the importance of self-defense and the tools that can assist them, if need be.

   Around June of 2020, is when the idea of selling self-defense keychains and tools first hit me.  Once I acknowledged the fact that I could help someone, I couldn’t stop. I have a background in criminal justice, which tied in perfectly with my newfound passion. Its now 2021 and I’m still shocked as to how far I've come and the amount of people I've helped daily. We’ve grown in clientele, products, exposure and overall, as a brand.

   I say all of that, to say this, I hope you stick around with us, we would love to have you apart of our Mafia family. You can always follow us on Instagram for daily self-defense tips to help you live a more comfortable and worry-free lifestyle. Hope to see you soon, and

As Always Stay Safe 💕